The Lowdown: 7 things in tech that’ll interest you this week

  1. What 2021 will look like for tech in Nigeria

We sat down with Agatha Nzekwe, our COO, to examine 2020 and the threats and opportunities that emerged. For her, those threats and opportunities will shape 2021 and the following years. It’s a pretty good discussion of everything from strategy to remote working and mental health.

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2. Hero or villain?

While our COO at Quomodo dived into our own adaptability in this great interview, this article from strategy+business takes a macro look at how culture helped or impeded organizations from riding the wave of Covid-19 disruption.

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3. Want to learn coding? Look here

Lambda School, perhaps the most prestigious programming school, is launching free coding bootcamps. The code-alongs are designed to deliver projects (e.g. a song visualizer, a game etc.) and are for people at all skill levels (yes, including complete novices).

Check it out

4. Voice or video calls now on WhatsApp for desktop

WhatsApp has announced that it is enabling calls for its desktop app.

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5. Data usage in Nigeria

The NCC is looking into allegations that ISPs might be shortchanging Nigerian consumers on data.

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6. Competition blues

Barely two weeks after Spotify (officially) entered the Nigerian music streaming market, Deezer, a music streaming service that had been around for a few years, has slashed its subscription fee and will now accept payment in naira.

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7. Pay to read tweets?

Twitter is seriously trying to monetize. Our prayers are with them.

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Till next week!

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