The Lowdown: 7 things that’ll interest you in tech this week — December 18

  1. God when?
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Many organizations build their business continuity plans on the assumption that whatever will disrupt their business is one-off event such as an emergency. With even Nigeria suffering a renewed surge of infections, the one-off event is becoming the New Normal. Organizations that invested significantly in IT infrastructure have been able to withstand the blow to some extent. For organizations that used to see IT investment as a nice-to-have, the next best time to treat it as a must-have is now. This MIT Review report examines how organizations in North America have responded to the pandemic to rekindle growth.

2. Nigeria and health tech

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One of the things we learn in this Premium Times report is how digital technology has enabled the rapid collection and real-time processing of data that has supplied crucial insights into understanding Covid-19 in Nigeria. The report discusses innovation in health tech and the ways it can strengthen Nigeria’s health systems.

3. Faster and cheaper data incoming?

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He fronted Econet, Kwese and is back again. Zimbabwean serial entrepreneur Strive Masiyiwa has announced the commencement of work on a $100 million data centre in Lagos. The data centre will be the largest in Africa outside of South Africa and is expected to turbocharge the digital tech industry in Nigeria.

4. Up Google!

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You know when you stock your freezer with perishables and “NEPA” decides to “take light” for a while? Google users were left shouting “Up Google!” when the company recently recovered from a one-hour outage. , we covered a Seth Godin blog questioning what would happen if Google decided to turn off its services? Well, we found out barely two weeks later. Many people and organizations suffered massive disruption in their regular programming when Google’s services went offline earlier this week. It’s the third overall blackout at a public cloud provider in two months. Organizations may need to think differently about their cloud mix.

5. Edo state launches tech park

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As a company that has actively advocated the adoption of ICT for the past 13 years, we are always glad for initiatives that deepen ICT in Nigeria. We have firsthand experience how providing people the right environment to innovate has turbocharged our capacity, and we can only wish Edo State the best as it sets out on its own journey to realizing the potential of ICT in its environment.

6. 2020 data onboarding report

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One of the most critical steps in a digital transformation journey is data onboarding, the process by which data is moved to a new software application. This report surveyed 100 companies and 5000 respondents to determine the state of data onboarding in 2020.

7. Cyber games

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US officials have recently reported a massive cyber breach of the systems of many government bodies. The bodies breached include the Departments of Commerce, Treasury and Homeland Security. Unverified and unsupported assertions by US officials have linked the breach to Russian state actors. Given the doubtful veracity of US claims over the past 70 years, it is reasonable to suspect its instinctual fingering of Russia. But one thing is clear: as more parts of the world develop sophisticated cyber capabilities, cyber warfare is intensifying. This report details the exploit used by the hackers.

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